Add in a custom domain

You can use your very own dedicated custom domain in all your links to increase your own branding. A custom domain is a domain you buy that supports full control over CNAME records.

You can also use with a subdomain i.e. "" with your existing domain if the domain you'd like to use is already pointing to your website. Learn how to do that here.

Add in and start using a domain you own

  1. Navigate to the Domains page on your dashboard
  2. Add in your domain to the field - Connect a domain name you already own
  3. Enter a domain you own and want to use (e.g.
  4. Click +Add Domain
  5. Next, follow these instructions to point your domain to Poplink

Change the root domain redirect

Don't forget that you can also change the URL that visitors are redirected to when they visit your root custom domain.