What is a custom domain?

We only support domains that allow full control over CNAME records.

A custom domain is a short link - that is, a shorter version of a URL that you want to share online (which is great especially on services like Twitter with very strict character limits) which is built around a brand name or related term. Unlike generic custom domains on link shorteners that everyone is well aware of (like bit.ly and goo.gl), sharing a link with a custom domain is eye-catching and still a relatively unique experience for most internet users.

The benefits of custom domains

A shortened link with a custom domain not only gives you more space to write a description of the content you're sharing, but it also sends a strong message about the information you're sharing. When you include a custom domain in your shorten links, it tells your audience that the content you're sharing is quality, which in turns helps drive brand awareness and brand recognition. If the content helps users to understand a topic, they'll likely remember the brand associated with the link they clicked. This in turn helps build your brand as a trusted authority.

Some examples of custom domains

The brands below are using custom domains to reinforce their brand!


Boost your rankings with custom domains

Branded links can even help your search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re concerned with your organic rankings, I have some good news for you: Shortened links do not hurt your SEO. As Matt Cutts, Former head of the Webspam team at Google says in the below video, “Shortened links still pass anchor text and the page rank. Now, that’s as long as the link uses 301 redirect, which most of them do. But since shortened links get shared more often, there is an added SEO benefit from this greater exposure.”