Pointing your custom domain to Poplink

This process will allow you to turn any domain that you own into your own personal or brand link shortener. All you have to do is change your DNS records to have it “point” at Poplink.

If you have a website already hosted at your root domain and you modify your settings, you could lose access to your website! Remember, one domain can only be used for one thing – like pointing to your website. If still want to use your domain to shorten links, use a subdomain.

To connect your DNS follow these steps

  1. Log into Poplink
  2. In your top right-hand dropdown menu click Domains
  3. Add in your domain (e.g. mybrand.com) in the first section
  4. Click +Add Domain
  5. Log into your domain hosting account
  6. Navigate to DNS Settings page
  7. Delete all records associated with the domain’s root name (e.g. mydomainname.com), if there are any and add the following

Your domain should work almost immediately. If you’ve freed up this domains from pointing anywhere else, it may take 24 hours to work depending on your domain registrar.