Tracking (Retargeting) Pixels

With the use of content curation and link retargeting, you can build your retargeting pixels faster. As a marketer, you may have heard of this cool thing that you can do called retargeting. It allows you to “pixel” your audience and serve them ads at a later time.

Retargeting ads are easier to manage than regular ads and don’t cost as much in terms of advertising spend.

To set up this process, you'll need a few thing:

  • You need to have a piece of curated content (it is not necessary to use retargeting links with your own blog content, because you can already retarget people from within the website.)
  • You need to have an advertising account that offers a website pixel - typically Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few others.
  • You should be running ads either now or in the future to this retargeting audience, that is the only value of adding this feature to your links.
  • Click +Add Domain
  • Log into your domain hosting account
  • Navigate to DNS Settings page
  • Delete all records associated with the domain’s root name (e.g., if there are any and add the following

Set up your pixels

  1. Go to Pixels in your dropdown menu.
  2. Add in your pixel
  3. Edit you promotion to include that pixel.

You're done!